Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Blogging and Affiliate Sites

The Internet is a changing medium and what was a successful way to market your business last year might not work this year. There is always a time lag between what the experts said worked for them last year and now.

It is important to know what the current trends are. A trend that is going to be around for a long time is very different to a reactive fad that will only last a month.

Blogs have been around for years. The thing that is changing is the perception of a Blog. Business people are now realising a Blog is a necessity. They are now creating them as well as a tradional static website.

Blogs are also used exclusively by more and more marketers, regardless of their niche market.


There are several reasons for this change:

1) Blogs are natural traffic generators.Search engines like original content that is updated regularly. This is exactly what Blogs are suited to do.

2) Basic Blogs are more easily created than tradional Web sites. There are different platforms that can be used, each has it's own advantages. We prefer WordPress. Obviously the more add ons you use and understand the better.

3) A Blog is a good way to create a relationship with your list of prospects. Using the more informal style of blogging is proving very successful. Prospects will come to your site for the content.

4) Blogging platforms automatically generate RSS (Real Simple Syndication). Once you submit your blog to the various RSS Directories, people who subscribe to the same directory will be sent to your blog if you are in the same niche as they are looking.

5) Once you have set up one Blog, it is easy to duplicate the process. Remember it is a good idea to have various sources of income. One blog giving you $1000.00 a month is good, 10 blogs each giving $1000.00, a total of $10000.00 is obviously better.

6)Blogs can be used with adsense and to advertise affiliate products.

Conversion rates on these sites are much higher.

Take a look at your website and do a critical analysis of it. Is it up to date or is it looking tired and dated?

You decide and take any action that is needed.

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